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Quinoa Benefits For a Healthy Lifestyle

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Healthy Quinoa Benefits

Perhaps you, yourself, have heard of the huge quinoa benefits when it comes to health. This is basically because, as little as they are, quinoa seeds are jam-packed with a lot of vitamins, minerals to keep you going through the day and repair your body as well. Thus, it is no wonder that quinoa is actually a popular choice for health buffs, those who want to lose weight, control or prevent certain illnesses, or simply want to live a healthy lifestyle.
One of the most popular benefits of quinoa is the fact that it is rich in protein. As a matter of fact, it contains all the nine necessary amino acid supplements. Included here is lysine which is necessary for the tissues of your muscles to grow and repair themselves. And since quinoa is a good alternative source of protein instead of meat, it is perfect for vegans. It will give you the necessary and sufficient amount of protein that your body needs.


Quinoa Cooking and Benefits

Quinoa Cooking

Quinoa is also known to be rich in antioxidants. Thus, it essentially helps your body fight and get rid of free radicals that are considered to be harmful. In the same manner, also among the benefits of quinoa is its sufficient fiber content which cleans your colon. As you may know, keeping your colon clean is necessary to fight cancer.


Magnesium content is also among the most popular quinoa benefits. As you may know, this mineral is very much important in preventing risky diseases like hypertension. This is, in fact, very good for your heat. This mineral has been proven to be effective in relaxing the little muscles which put pressure on your blood vessels.


Quinoa is also known to be beneficial for those who are suffering from celiac disease. As you may know, those suffering from celiac disease are pretty much sensitive to gluten. And since this product is gluten-free, it can be an excellent alternative to wheat and bread for those suffering from celiac disease.


Weight loss is another benefit you can get from quinoa. As a matter of fact, a lot of people who are currently on a weight loss diet or plan incorporate quinoa in their meals. This is mainly because it is complete with the nutrients that their body needs; but at the same time, it gives you the feeling that you are already full. Thus, you lessen your food intake significantly.


Another item in the list of quinoa benefits is the fact that it is very much effective in the prevention of gall stones. This is basically because it has a high content of insoluble dietary fiber. This reduces the stagnation of bile which comes from your liver. It also lowers down the total amount of blood triglycerides in your body. Both of which are known to cause the formation of gall bladder stones.


And finally, quinoa is known to be low in bad cholesterol and calories. However, as is listed among the quinoa benefits, you can be assured that you still get the sufficient amount of starches and carbohydrates needed to fuel you up for the day.


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How to Cook Quinoa

It may be easy to cook quinoa but you can ruin the whole recipe just as easily if you don’t do it the right way. You have to be extra careful if you don’t want the cooked quinoa to end up soggy.

This is very important most especially if you are planning to use the quinoa in a bigger recipe and such recipe requires a specific form of cooked quinoa. Of course, you also need to take into account where you’re going to cook the quinoa. Is it on a stove, a rice cooker, or a microwave?

Here are the most basic steps on how to cook quinoa:

  1. If you are dealing with quinoa that is not pre-rinsed, then you will have to rinse it first. This is to get rid of the saponins which can impart a bitter taste to the quinoa if they are not removed. All you need is a strainer or a cheese cloth.Just place the quinoa on any of these two then allow running water to run over it for several minutes. This can do the trick. Or if you want the best results, you can soak the quinoa for an hour or more before you have it rinsed.

    Obviously, you can skip this step if you’re going to cook quinoa that’s pre-rinsed.

  2. Now, to the cooking part. Place one part quinoa to two parts of water or stock in a saucepan. If you have a dish or recipe in mind, you can make use of any liquid that best suits such dish. Furthermore, you may add more or less water as you deem necessary.One part quinoa to two parts water is just the standard measurement. Subject the saucepan to medium-high heat. Bring it to a simmer then decrease it to low.

    Then cover and allow it to cook for about thirty to thirty-five minutes. Remove the quinoa off the stove but allow it to sit covered for five more minutes. That’s how you should cook quinoa. The quinoa is now ready to go. You can add it to any recipe you want such as black bean recipes and stir fry recipes.

  3. Or if you want something different, you can make use of an alternative cooking method. Some people fry the quinoa grains in a frying pan before they have them cooked.Apparently, this technique brings out the quinoa’s nutty flavor. This is definitely something you should try to get a different taste from your quinoa.
  4. And of course, you need to serve the freshly cooked quinoa before it loses its nice flavor and nutritional value.

As stated earlier, there is no specific way to cook quinoa. You can make your own modifications to the cooking process. For instance, instead of a 1:2 quinoa to water ratio, you can make use of 1:1.5 or 1:3. It all depends on how you want the quinoa to look like when cooked. You also have to consider the recipe you have in mind.

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